Brewery of the week: Stillwater Artisanal


Stillwater info..
The goal of Stillwater Artisanal is just that, living art. Although packaged within a medium often overlooked for its artistic merits, our desire is to offer something new and intriguing. We present more than just a fine crafted beverage, rather an occasion that evokes an emotion and inspires contemplation. For art is not a sum of actions but rather an approach to life. We draw our inspiration from the world around us, whether that be a season, location, or even humanity itself. Our intent is to encapsulate this muse, exhibiting an artistic rendition to the best of our abilities.

Mono, galaxy dry hopped pilsner
Stateside, Farmhouse ale
Cellar Door, Wheat farmhouse with white sage
Autumnal, Amber Farmhouse ale
Of Love & Regret, farmhouse ale with lavender, hesther, dandelions, & chamomile.
Debauched, farmhouse ale with heather, honysuckle, & hyssop
A Saison Darkly, dark farmhosue ale with hibiscus, rose hips, & schisandra berries
As Follows, Hoppy Golden ale
Stereo, IPA
Folklore, Belgian Stout
Arcana, Belgian Stout in collab with hoften dormaal.
When the light Goes out, black gose with hibiscus and volcanic salt. collab with siren
Smoke Signals, Dry hopped smoked sour wheat ale. collab with siren.


Jane’s Beer Store
720 Villa Street, Mountain View, CA 94041

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