Drie Fonteinen Hommage Lottery

Attention Jane’s beer store shoppers, we are stating up a new lottery.

This is a very special beer from Drie fonteinen, it is the one and only Hommage.

This is only the second time Hommage has been brewed, the first time was back in 2007. its a blended lambic with raspberries and cherries added. only a hand full of cases made it to the states.

Our latest lottery is open from now (5/10) until midnight Monday (5/12) for Drie Fonteinen, Hommage. Send an email to janes123beerstore7@gmail.com in that time period with the subject “Hommage” to be entered in our lottery. You will be notified with instructions via email if you’ve been selected. Due to its rarity and attention to detail form this great lambic brewery the price tag of this bad boy is $49.99 with a 1 bottle limit per customer.(please only enter one email)

Good luck!


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