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Jane’s Beer Store Presents:

San Francisco Mead Company

Jane’s is the first store in the Peninsula to stock these meads! Made of nothing more than raw honey and water with wine yeasts to control fermentation, San Francisco Mead Co. remains dedicated sourcing their ingredients from local beekeepers and farmers. They source their honey from a beekeeper who raises queen bees in Mendocino National Forest.

Come get your bottle today!

Orange Blossom: Dry traditional mead made from raw and unfiltered honey from organic orange blossoms. Aroma and flavor is of oranges and honey. 13% abv.

Gravenstein: A dry cyser fermented with Gravenstein apple cider and Sonoma coast raw wildflower honey. 13% abv.

Apple Pie: Fermented with apple cider, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, it’s like liquid apple pie! 14% abv.


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