New This Week….

Jane’s Beer Store Presents:

Almanac, Citron Farmers Reserve. This is a wine barrel aged sour blonde ale brewed with Citron, Blood Orange, and Yuzu.

Monkish, Feminist. This is a Belgian style Tripel brewed with Hibiscus. 9.4% abv

Monkish, Rosas Hips. This is a Belgian style dubbel brewed with Rose Hips. 7.3% abv

10 Barrel, Apocaltpse IPA. This is a brewery from Oregon that just got distribution to the area. This is a Single IPA. 6.8% abv Available in 22oz, 6packs, single 12oz bottles.

Alvinne, PHI. This is a sour blonde ale brewed with dried hop flowers. 10% abv

Alvinne, Undressed Morpheus. This is the base oude bruin for a lot of their sours beers. 6.9% abv

De Molen, Spanning & Sensatie. This is an Imperial Stout brewed with 7 different malts, Cocoa, Chili, and Sea Salt. 9.8% abv

Mikkeller, Missing Milk Stout. 6% milk stout, this one was brewed in Sterling VA.


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