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Jane’s Beer Store Presents:

William’s, Excalibur. This is a Traditional English Dry Cider. available in 4-packs or single cans

William’s, Sir Perry. This is a Traditional English Pear Cider. Available in 4-packs or single cans.

William’s, Dragons Breath Ginger Cider. This is a English cider spiced with Ginger. available in 4-packs or single cans.

Clos Normand Brut. this is a dry French Cider.

Vins Arista, Pomme De Coeur. This is a Dessert Apple cider made in Quebec, Canada.

Tieton, Cherry Blend. A well-balanced apple cider blended with farm fresh Cherry. Our crisp apple cider finishes sweet with hints of clove and cinnamon blended with a tart acid to stand up to the sweetness of the cherry. Big mouth feel, perfect acid, and long finish.

Tieton, Apricot Cider. When we infuse our crisp apple cider with the tartness of apricot, the apple notes play a supporting role and let the tartness of the apricots shine. You will taste both dry and fresh apricot.

Tieton, Blossom Nectar. A sweet cider with natural tree ripened fruit notes, like biting into a ripe fresh apple. This cider has a nose of apple blossom honey, hints of vanilla and melon in a crisp apple cider with a medium body. It finishes with a palate-cleansing acid.

Tieton, Yakima Dry Hopped Cider. The Yakima Valley is known worldwide as a premier apple growing region and a prominent source of hops. We have chosen a select blend of traditional and exotic hops to marry with our cider. This blend of hops produces an aroma of fruit-forward nuttiness followed by a citrusy palate.

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