New this week

Jane’s Beer Store Presents:

To Ol, Sur Maelk. okay, so this ones a mouthfull…. Bourbon barrel aged milk sour stout with coffee… phew.. this one comes in at 9.5% abv. (its a coffee milk stout that was soured then barrel aged.. that just sounds amazing)

lost Abbey, Framboise de Amarosa. This is a sour wild ale brewed with raspberries then aged in red wine barrels… this is fantastic, probably one of the most raspberry forward beers we have. 8.5% abv. limit 1 per customer

Wadworth, Old Timer. this is a traditional English old ale. with big English fruity yeast notes and a delicate malt base. 5% abv

Dieu Du Ciel, Derniere volonte (last will). this is a IPA with a mix of Belgian and English traditions. hop profile is floral and spicy with fruity esters. a robust malt base which is followed by an assertive dry-hopping. 7% abv



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