New this week

Jane’s Beer Store Presents:

De Molen, Hamer & sikkel. Another nice beer from de molen. this time its a traditional style english porter. light on the palate but full flavors of dry bitter sweet chocolate and delicate dark fruits. 5.3% abv

Ballast point, grapefruit sculpin… not much needs to be said.. sculpin.. with grapefruit… yup

Alesmith, Decadence 2014. This is their anniversary ale which is different every year. this time its a wheatwine coming in at 10% abv with hints of honey, ripe fruit, and spicy graininess. in the finish, a pleasent malty sweetness from the wheat is balanced by addition of german and american hops.

Prairie, cherry Funk. This is an oak aged sour ale with cherries… need i say anymore…

Stone, 18th Anniversary. once again stone is pushing the boundaries of beer. to quote the bottle “the hoppiest golden-brown IPA on earth… so yeah… 8.5% abv



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