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Jane’s Beer Store Presnts:

Brau union, edelweiss. style tip here an edelweiss is a wheat beer thats also brewed with barley. which gives it a fuller body. and this one comes from austria. 5.5% abv

Pivovar, primator maibock. a Czech brewery making some fine lagers. maibocks are stronger amber lagers usually brewed for the month of may. 7.5% abv

Pivovar, primator double bock. this doppelbock is a beast of a lager probably the best bang for your buck. 10.5% abv

Zywiec, porter. from the zyweic school for brewing in poland. this is a baltic style porter. which means it goes through a lagering process to give the bear clarity and a help it withstand long voyages. 9.5% abv

Bellerose, beire de garde. a brewery from france which are making traditional style biere de gardes. back in the day this would be brewed for the field workers since it was safer to drink beer then water. 



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