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Jane’s Beer Store Presents:

Boulevard, Saison-brett. This is a take on their tank 7 farmhouse ale which was brewed with 100% brettanomyces. the outcome is a beautiful farmhouse ale with notes of earthy hop aromas and a fruity, dry finish.perfect on a warm day. limit one per customer.

Boulevard, Imperial stout. as the name of the beer would suggest this is an imperial stout with 40% aged in whiskey barrels. big roasty malty stout with a perfect balance of barrel to round out the finish. 11.8% abv limit one per customer.

Avery, Rufus corvus. This is a Flanders style sour ale which was aged in following barrels. 85% Cabernet sauvignon, 9% chardonnay, and 6% zinfandal wine barrels. just simply amazing sour. avery is never a let down. 6.83% abv. limit one per customer.



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