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Jane’s Beer Store Presents:

Off Color, Le Woof. This is a Biere De Garde, that is all smile emoticon …. 7.3% abv

Stone Stochasticity Project, Graniac. Originally called Colon Blow, this hoppy, deep amber-hued beer was created to shine a light on rare, unexplored grains seldom used in the brewing world. In addition to barley, wheat, rye and triticale, they added malted millet and malted buckwheat to bring the total unique grain count to nine. The earthy, nutty notes of granola found in this experimental multigrain malt bomb are complemented by the citrusy, piney flavors of four classic American hops. 8.5% Abv

Gigantic, Slip into Darkness. Hoppy Cascadian dark lager. 6.4%

Grimm Artisanal Ales, Super Symmetry. This is a dry-hopped, oaked, and lemon zest gose. It is fermented with saccharomyces and lactobacillus, dry hopped with a blend of fruity American hops, and conditioned on white oak. 4.8% Abv

Pretty Things, East Kent Saison. Inspired by the English hop pickers of the early 1900’s, this ale is brewed with Whitebread Goldings hops, pale malt, and fermented with an English ale yeast. 5.6% Abv

Pretty Things, Saint Botolph’s Town. Fermented with two yeast strains, German and English, this beer has a big malty, almost smokey black malt character, a bitter attack from Fuggle hops, a rich barleymalt finish, some dried coconut hints and an old ale acidity around the edges. 5.9% Abv

Pretty Things, Babayaga. An export-strength woodland stout, brewed with smoked malt, and fermented with a mix of English and Belgian yeast strains. 7% Abv

Clown Shoe’s, Evil Crawfish. Imperial Red IPA dry hopped with Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic, and Nelson Sauvin. 9% Abv

Logsdon, Szech ‘n Brett. Farmhouse Saison brewed with sichuan peppercorns and fermented with brettanomyces. 6.5% Abv


New Stuff

Jane’s Beer Store Presents:

Uinta, Port O’Call. Aged in Port barrels for six months, this Belgian Style Dark Ale developed a vinous character blended with toffee and caramel malt notes. With a distinctly Belgian nose, Port O’ Call pours a dark copper with a creamy head accenting spicy yeast with hints of clove and banana. 9.4% Abv

Shmaltz, Chanukah in Kentucky. Earlier this year, Shmaltz’s brewing crew loaded a small amount of freshly fermented Chanukah into Heaven Hill and Jim Beam bourbon barrels where it aged for 8 months. Complex flavors of dark cherry and dates, light coffee roast and bakers chocolate. A confection of toffee, caramel, hints of vanilla and maple all arise with the unmistakable aromas of barrel strength bourbon from the first-use boozy beauties. 8% Abv

Shmaltz, Jewbelation 19. This beer pours dark crimson with ruby highlights, a creamy coffee head and greets the nose with a blast of dark chocolate and dark dried fruits. Rich, complex roasted malts, bakers chocolate, notes of caramel, dark fruit and hops fill the palate while the robust heat lingers through to the finish. Jewbelation 19 blurs the boundaries of Porter, Stout, Old Ale and Barleywines and continues Shmaltz’s long history of brewing big, robust beers that redefine traditional beer categories. 11.9% Abv

Devils Canyon, Barrel of Monkeys. This is a Barleywine Aged for 6 months in Bourbon Barrels – Drinks with a velvety bourbon burn and has hints of Madagascar Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon Spice and a very slight Toffee or Toasted Pecan accent to balance out all of the flavors. 14%

Evil Twin, Blanca Biere De Table. Pale Ale brewed with Herb …… thats what it says on the label… 4.5% abv

Evil Twin, Aun Mas Chili Jesus. Imperial stout brewed with chiles and brewed in Spain. 12% abv

Evil Twin/ Two Roads, Geyser Gose. Ale brewed with icelandic moss, herbs, kelp, and sea salt. 5.5% abv

Stillwater/ Nomada, Stoufft. This is a imperial chocolate Truffle stout. Brewed in Spain. 9.3% abv

Tap It, Cafe Noir. This is an Imperial Coffee Porter aged for 8 months in pinot noir barrels. 9.3% abv

Dust Bowl, The Great Impression. This beer is inspired by traditional english ales. A rich malty warming old ale thats perfect for the cold winter nights. 11.4% abv


New Stuff

Jane’s Beer Store Presents:

Clown Shoes, Flight of the Angry Beast.
The newest installment of Clown Shoes’ Angry Beast series is here! For this blend, they are combining 3 of their most popular strong ales, aged in different spirit barrels. They started with Undead Party Crasher, an imperial smoked milk stout aged in bourbon barrels. Next, Blaecorn Unidragon, a Russian Imperial stout aged in scotch barrels. And to finish it off, Billionare, an English style barleywine aged in scotch barrels. 10.75% abv

Avery, Liliko’i Kepolo. Luscious. Juicy. Tart. And like no other! Adding a tropical island flair to a spicy traditional witbier, Liliko’i Kepolo erupt with monumental passionfruit aroma and acidity along with a sublimely succulent finish. 5.4% Abv

Coronado, 2015 Stupid Stout. This deep, dark, viscous brew stands up to other imperial stouts, delivering big flavors in a smooth, balanced and easy-drinking package. Robust and chocolaty with a hint of hop freshness, it’s the perfect beer to warm up with as winter cold sets in. 9.3% Abv

Hitachino, Saison du Japon. The newest addition to the Hitachino line-up, this is a saison brewed with Japanese wheat, koji, and yuzu. 5% Abv

Almanac, Saison de Brettaville. A twist on their year round saison, Almanac added a dozen different Brett strains to their dry-hopped Saison Dolores, then aged it in white wine barrels for several months. The result is an intricate farmhouse ale with the kind of nuance and depth that only Brett can create. 7.2% Abv

Almanac, Paris of the West. This decadent dark quadrupel-style ale was brewed with dark candi sugar, dried flame grapes, and orange peel, then fermented with a French ale yeast. 9.5% Abv

Almanac, Dogpatch Grand Cru. This sour ale blends a Flanders red-style with red wine grapes to craft something truly unique. Layering California-grown Zinfandel, Syrah, Tannat, Petite Sirah, and Tempranillo grapes with a special imperial version of their Dogpatch Sour ale, combining the best characteristics of the beer and wine worlds. Tannic red wine notes mingle with complex sour yeast flavors and French oak barrel character to create an exceptionally original new brew. 10.5% Abv

Almanac, Farmer’s Reserve Grand Cru. An ode to white wine, Almanac combined California-grown Muscat Blanc grapes with an imperial version of their Farmer’s Reserve sour blonde base and aged them for over a year in French oak barrels. The result is a deeply fragrant hybrid that captures the Northern California terroir and seamlessly melds the complex tartness of a Belgian-inspired sour ale with the sun-ripened boldness of white wine grapes. 10.2% Abv


New Stuff….

Janes Beer Store Presents:

Mad River, Brewer’s Secret. How do you possibly improve the excellence of Steelhead Porter? Age it in Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels, with fresh vanilla beans added of course! This limited edition Porter has complex malt characteristics balanced with a mild hop profile, taken to a whole new level by forward notes of bourbon, oak and vanilla. Smoked and peated malts lend added complexity and a mild smokey flavor that melds perfectly with the southern charms of decadent bourbon flavors. 9% Abv

Mad River, Kick Start. Deep, dark mahogany in color with a luscious tan head, this imperial porter boasts aromas of decadent chocolate and fresh coffee. An astoundingly rich malt explosion fused with sweet and nutty coffee flavor lays into the palate, leaving the taste buds clamorous for another sip. 8.2% Abv

Mad River, Humboldt Brownie. Deep brown in color with rich aromas and flavors of fresh brownies, this Double Brown ale is food for the malt lover’s soul. Brewed with cocoa nibs, coming in at 9% Abv

Eel River, Triple Exultation. An English-Style Old Ale, this beer is dark, rich,with hints of soft currant fruit and molasses. 9.7% Abv

Deschutes, Chasin’ Freshies. Like fresh powder, it’s a seize-the-moment thing. This year Deschutes highlights the Lemondrop hops from Yakima Valley in Washington. At harvest, they rush the hops from the vine to their kettles to ensure they capture the purest, juiciest essence of the hop flower in every beer. Enjoy the bright, bold aroma and flavor that comes but once a year. 7.4% Abv

Flat Tail, Mustached Rye’d Red. Crafted using Scottish floor malted barley, rich caramel malts, and a hint of spicy German rye for a solid malt backbone. Hopped with West Coast, New Zealand, and Australian hops for a pungent, tropical hop aroma. 8% Abv

Big Al Brewing, Time Capsule March ’15. This is a 4-grain Petit Saison, a classic table beer originating in the farmhouses of Belgium. Citrusy, tropical fruit funk and bready malt aromas with an explosion of fruity melon-like flavors finishing lightly tart and dry with spicy hops late in the finish. 3.5% Abv

Shady Oak, Sonamatastic. This is a Rustic Farmhouse ale made with a good portion of raw rye malts. This one spent six months aging in French Oak Puncheon barrels, with different bettanyomyces yeast strains, including one that was captured in the wild in Sonoma County. The end result produces a beer that is floral, peppery, and dry, with an earthy wild yeast character, that will increase with aging. 7.1% Abv

Shady Oak, Groovalistic. This is a Belgian style ale, heavily hopped with late kettle additions of mosaic hops. Its then dry hopped to levels of lunacy with more of the same hops, and finally, it receives a dose of brettanoymyces before bottling. 5.2% Abv


New Stuff….

Janes Beer Store Presents:

Monkish, Ninja Star. This is a single hopped Belgian Blonde ale coming in at 5.3% Abv

Monkish, Shadow Boxing. This is a Belgian-style Dubbel coming in at 7.0% Abv

Alaskan, Smoked Porter 2015. The dark, robust body and pronounced smoky flavor of this limited edition beer make it an adventuresome taste experience. Alaskan Smoked Porter is produced in limited “vintages” each year on November 1 and unlike most beers, may be aged in the bottle much like fine wine. 6.5% Abv

Stone, Sorry Not Sorry. Stone decided to switch it up and brew an IPA, go figure! They teamed up with 4 Hands and Bale Breaker, brewing a Double IPA with pureed peaches. They also used experimental hops HBC 342, HBC 344, & Simcoe hops giving piney, stone fruit flavors. 9.3% Abv, 70 IBU’s

Stone, Xocoveza Spiced Milk Stout. One of Stone’s most popular beers of 2014 is back, now in six packs! This insanely delicious take on Mexican hot chocolate is crafted with cocoa, coffee, pasilla peppers, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. It will now be a permanent part of their lineup of seasonal releases. 8.1% Abv

Alvinne, Cuvee Freddy Sofie Edition. A twist on their Cuvee Freddy, this is a flanders sour aged in Bordeaux Wine barrels for several months. 8% Abv

Mikkeller, Mother Puncher. A collab with the metal band Mastadon, Mother Puncher is a farmhouse IPA packed with tons of funky flavors from the Brettanomyces, and mashed up with sweet and tart notes from additions of passion fruit. 6.66% Abv

Mikkeller, Flat White. The newest addition to their Beer Geek Breakfast series, this is an Oatmeal stout brewed with lactose and coffee. 7.5% Abv

Mikkeller, Cocoa Shake. Another addition to the series, they decided to shake things up by adding a truck load of cocoa to the french press coffee trick, creating a whole new dimension to the beer that are loved by freaks and geeks worldwide. 12.1% Abv

Logsdon, Far West Vlaming. This is an organic red ale brewed in traditional West Flanders style. A combination of light, crystal, and dark barley malt, wheat, and oats are brewed with local whole-cone hops and a variety of select yeast and lactic bacteria. It is then aged in oak barrels for a period of time to develop complex richness, soft tannins, and fruity tart character. The aged beer is then blended with young beer beer to create the desired balance of malt sweetness with a dry finish. 6.5% Abv

Prairie Artisan Ales, Flare. Going with an Office Space theme, this is a gose style ale brewed with orange. Slightly tart, a little salty, and has a nice balance from the fruit and spices. 5.4% Abv


New This Week…

Jane’s Beer Store Presents:

Sierra Nevada Barrel-Aged Narwhal – 2014 and 2015 Vintages!
(Limited quantity of the 2014)

Aged in oak Kentucky bourbon barrels, this bourbon barrel-aged Russian imperial stout is a deliciously dark treat! This intense stout is incredibly complex with notes of dark chocolate, rich roasted grains and espresso, perfectly blended with hints of vanilla and toasted coconut with a slight touch of honey from aging in the oak spirit casks. Both vintages are 12.9% ABV.

Also available are two other barrel-aged beers from Sierra Nevada:
Barrel-Aged Bigfoot Barleywine 2014
Barrel-Aged Ovila Dubbel 2015

Come get your bottle(s) today while supplies last!


New This Week…

Janes Beer Store presents:

Sierra Nevada, Newly Developed Hop IPA. Using HBC431, HBC472, SS05256, and SS06300 hops. Whew! These newly developed hops are so cutting edge that they are known only by numbers. Compelling flavors of vanilla, chocolate, oak, and orange, creating an IPA like Sierra has never done before. 6.5% Abv

Sierra Nevada, Northern Hemisphere Harvest Wet Hop IPA. This India Pale Ale features hops from Yakima, WA, picked and shipped to Sierra’s brewery in Chico within 24 hours to capture hop aroma and flavor when they’re most profound. The fourth in their five-bottle Harvest series. Loaded with complex, earthy, green flavors and notes of rose, grapefruit and pine. 6.7% Abv

Sierra Nevada, 2015 Estate. Taste fresh-from-the-field flavors with this handmade, homegrown, and completely natural ale. Made with organic wet hops and barley grown at their brewery in Chico, this remarkable ale is the only one of its kind. Rich with the flavors of the valley, featuring hops with earthy, grapefruit-like flavors and layered spicy aromas and barley with mild sweetness and smooth, toasted flavors. Together, these hops grow alongside the brewery to make a truly unique brew. 6.7% Abv

Boulevard, Rye-on-Rye. This is an imperial rye ale aged in Templeton Rye whiskey barrels. Two kinds of malted rye provide a spicy sweetness, giving way to notes of caramelized wood and the citrusy tang of the Perle, Magnum, and Saphir hops before easing into a dry, lingering finish. 12% Abv

Boulevard, Imperial Tart Cherry Stout. The newest addition to their Imperial Stout “X” series, this edition spotlights the addition of tart cherries in fermentation, as well as lactic souring on the brewhouse, marrying robust, roasty maltiness to bracing tartness. 11% Abv


New This Week…

Jane’s Beer Store Presents:

North Coast, Old Rasputin. The Russian Imperial Stout we all know and love now available in 22oz bottles!
Anderson Valley, Briney Melon Gose. A new twist on their Gose, this ale boasts a thrist quenching-tartness that is perfectly balanced by subtle watermelon flavors and aromas. Gentle additions of sea-salt create a refreshing harmony between the acidity and fruity sweetness leading to a clean, dry finish.

The Bruery, Humulus Terreux. Each batch of Humulus Terreux will use a different hop varietal and one of the several strains of Brettanomyces yeasts that we have incubating in our laboratory to create a one of a kind, wildly traditional bière. The flavor possibilities are endless when combining possible hop notes of citrus, pine, flowers or grass with the barnyard funk, earth and tropics that can come from a 100% Brettanomyces fermentation. While each beer will showcase a different, distinct character, the overall result will always be dry, funky and delightfully hoppy.

Alpine, Pure Hoppiness. This mega-hopped, West Coast-Style India Pale Ale will take you to hop heaven! Using hops in the boil, more hops in the giant hopback, and adding to that, and incredible amount of dry-hopping for that cutting edge “hop bite.” Once you’ve tasted this unique beer, all others pale in comparison! Bottled 10/27/15! 8% Abv

Hop Dogma, A-Frame. Hop heavy, fresh and bursting with aroma, every malt and hop addition to this beer was carefully chosen to represent each individual friend’s unique contribution to their collective friendship. The result is an IPA that is uniquely bold, exquisitely balanced, delightfully diverse, and full of robust flavors. Bottled 10/29/15! 6.7% Abv

Hop Dogma, Grabtown Gulch. Named after an awe inspiring hike through the Santa Cruz Mountains, this is a tribute to the bountiful wilderness that surrounds us, centers us, and enriches our souls. With hints of orange zest, mild earthy notes, and a unique balancing spiciness to round out a full-bodied flavor, this saison is the perfect crescendo to a day of outdoor fun. 6% Abv

Stone, 2015 Double Bastard. This is a lacerative muther of a beer. The evil big brother of Arrogant Bastard Ale. It is strongly suggested you stay far, far away from this beer. Those foolish enough to venture close enough to taste will experience a punishingly unforgiving assault on the palate. 11% Abv

Drakes, 2015 Jolly Rodger. For this year’s batch, Drake’s brewed an Imperial Coffee Porter, partnering up with Oakland’s Highwire Coffee Roasters. They used a naturally sun-dried Colombian coffee with a creamy body and ripe berry flavors. To round out the final brew, they added a rare coffee blossom honey which imparts an aromatic honey sweetness. 8.1% Abv


New This Week…

Jane’s Beer Store Presents:

Alesmith, Nut Brown Ale. Deep mahogany in color, it’s rich, malt-forward flavor profile balances notes of biscuit, mild cocoa and earthy hops. A creamy mouthfeel and full body enhances its drinkability, making nut brown an extremely sessionable ale. Now available in 22oz bottles & six-packs!!!

Alesmith, Lil’ Devil. This unfiltered Belgian-style pale ale pours a hazy gold with a creamy white head. Ground coriander seeds and two kinds of orange peel added to the kettle contribute pleasant citrus notes to its Belgian fermentation character. Lil’ Devil’s light body and effervescent finish make for a refreshing beer that will have you coming back for more.

Alesmith, IPA. A San Diego classic, Alesmith IPA showcases the versatility of American hops. Aromas of grapefruit and tangerine lead into an abundance of fresh pine and tropical fruit notes followed by a crisp, resinous bitterness. The complex hop profile is supported by a firm malt presence to create an incredibly flavorful and well-balanced IPA. Now available in 22oz bottles and six-packs!!! Bottled on 10/19/15 so come get it while its fresh!!!


New This Week..

Jane’s Beer Store Presents:

De Glazen Toren, Jan De Lichte. This is a “dubbel Witbier” Cloudy, pale, white head. Refreshing wheat, light grapefruit and coriander. Long dry finish. 7% abv

De Glazen Toren, Cuvee Angelique. This is a Belgian Dark Ale. Coppery body, with dense beige head. Caramel sweetness interplays with a dry finish .Moderate bitterness with earthy – woodsy notes. 8.3% abv

Flying Dog, Imperial Single Hop Apollo IPA. As the name may imply this is a single hop Apollo Imperial IPA coming in at 10% abv.

Boulevard, Pop Up. This is a Session IPA with a big fruity citrusy aroma with a clean crisp finish. 4.3% abv

Heretic, Evil Cousin. This is still the same Evil Cousin that we all love, now just available in 6pack cans.

Alaskan, Icy Bay IPA. This is a 6.3% abv ipa available in 6packs or single bottles.


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